Oriental Breakfast Burrito Rap

DAY 665

Serves 1



150g – All Purpose Flour

150g – Mung Bean Starch

3g – Salt

425g – Water



50g – Escabeche (thinly sliced)

25g – Nacho Cheese (slightly warmed)

7g – Spicy Fermented Black Beans

1 – Egg (scrambled)

1 – Small handful of Chicharrons (crushed)



Ya wanna heat a 12 inch non stick pan/

keep it slick with some oil so you pour 10 grams.

Add a little batter til it touches the rim/

but do your damndest not to damage it and keep the crepe thin.

Wait a couple minutes don’t you flip it til it’s set/

you’ll know it’s time to get it in when it begins to curl the edge.

It’s time to turn it over so you lower the heat/

and over here you heat the pan to cook the eggs that you beat.

Season to taste and place it somewhere proper/

and get back to the crepe to lace with it with some toppers.

Look at that? It feels like a tortilla/

and looks just like those pancakes they make back in Korea. 

But this type of dish is a little bit brittle/

so we wanna spread the toppers right in the middle.

Add a little dab of fermented beans/

but don’t go nuts like my demented dreams.

Melted cheese and escabash/

then you add them eggs in your breakfast wrap.

You can keep it vegetarian but each his own,

but if you wanna eat the meat add chicharrons.

Fold it from the bottom back up to the middle/

then tuck it from the sides so the cheese doesn’t dribble

Place it on a plate and what do you know?

How to make an Oriental breakfast burrito!