Oriental Deviled Eggs

Day 661

Serves 3-4


6 ea – Sauna Eggs

5g – Chinese Hot Mustard

42g – Kewpie Mayo

2g – Rice Vinegar

30g – Korean Pickles (finely chopped)


1 each – Scallion (finely chopped)

Togarashi (optional)


For sauna eggs: cook 6 eggs with 1 cup of water and a pinch of salt on high pressure in an instapot for 2 hours.

Cut Sauna Eggs long way in half, place yolks in a medium bowl and arrange egg whites on a dish.

Mash the yolks down with a spoon until they are smooth.

Add Mustard, Mayo, Vinegar and Pickles and mix until it becomes a paste-like consistency.

Put yolk mixture in a pastry piper or a plastic bag and cut off the tip.

Pipe the yolk mixture into emptied egg white halves.

Garnish with a sprinkle of Togarashi and chopped Scallions.